Canít Make It This Year List:

But Best Regards!

(Updates will be posted as info received)




Robi Akerley-McKee


Posted: 7-1-08

Class # something  July-Aug 1983 as Robert McKee

I'm working on getting VA disability for my lead poisoning I got as a CATM working in an indoor range at Whiteman AFB.  So my wife and I don't have the finances to attend, though I sure would love to be there.

Rick Green


Posted: 7-11-08

I used to be a red hat at Medina and Camp Bullis  I am living in the U.K. now, so I have limited access to the tools of our trade anymore.  Being a 753X0 was one of the bets experiences of my life.

Sandy Brookes


Having 4 surgeries and may not be able to attend.  Send thoughts and prayers.
Charlie Holden


Having exploratory surgery on Monday Oct 13.  Send thoughts and prayers.











































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